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In Astrologo Argenterie it is possible to pay using own credit card VISA, MASTERCARD and American Express, the payment of the order by the credit card will happen alone after our staff verifies the effective availability of the produced ones that you have tried to order online. Usually the produced ones online are available to warehouse but, for the greater safety and transparency, we prefer to use this procedure before to demand the payment.

The orders will be tried by Paypal, consequently if you have a Paypal account you have the possibility to use it in order to acquire on our situated web.

The payment by bank discount is advised for who it is practical with the services of “bank online”, to the payment by discount (or transfer of deep) will be demanded alone after our staff will have verified the effective availability of the goods from you ordered near the warehouse.

The times of reception (availability on account) of a bank discount are of approximately 24 hours for the discounts carried out within the 14 and of 48 hours for the disposed discounts after that timetable.
If needed of the invoice, we pray you to insert all your data of invoicing in the module of registration in the site.

If you want to have the maximum guarantee on the purchase online and the comfort of the payment cash selects like form of payment the mark.

Within 24 hours from the order you will be contattato/a by telephone from our staff that provvederà to confirm the effective availability to you than from ordered you near our warehouse and for knowing from you the timetables in which the courier it can easy find near your dwelling or the office to you.

The cost is € 8,50.

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